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Massive Government Drill Planned to Test Possibility of U.S. Electric Grid Going Down

from Off Grid Survival:

The U.S. Government is gearing up for a major Preparedness Drill that will simulate a Grid Down Scenario, one that will examine what would happen if the county’s electric grid was taken down by both physical and cyber-attacks.

The threat is very real and is something that we’ve covered in great detail in the past. Our electric grid is extremely vulnerable to an attack that could leave our country in the dark for weeks, maybe even months.

In preparation for this type of attack, our government is going to test the grids vulnerabilities, as thousands of utility workers team up with anti-terrorism experts, Homeland Security, the F.B.I. and other governmental agencies.

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2 comments to Massive Government Drill Planned to Test Possibility of U.S. Electric Grid Going Down

  • Denise

    Hello: I’ve been aware that these things could and will happen, for a long time. I’ve been trying to prepare for more than twenty years. The greatest burden I’ve had has been since the 2008 election. Darkness came into my heart then. I began to really buckle down and prepare but there was alot I have not been able to do all because my husband does not believe these things could happen and he looks at my preparing as a way to spend money. That hurts. I cannot convince him. There are so many things un-done because of this. Two of the main things I’m worried about are getting water and the electricity going out. The electricity going out would eliminate our ability to get city water anymore. I also feel the need to buy a portable wood stove. I also told him that we needed to get our money out of the bank but he just thinks I’m nuts and that I’m listening to too much alternative radio. I told him that we can always put it back later if I’m wrong. But I think the best thing to do is to buy the things that you cannot buy if stores close down or the dollar is no more. At least you can have valuable assets to show for your money. Things you need to survive like a Turtle tuff tent, a wood stove, solar shower, warm boots, coats, gloves,food, Berkey water filters, guns, knives, ammo, saws, shovels, axe, a horse and buggy, or four horses and chickens, etc. Trust me, I’ve been thinking about this for years but cannot act upon it. I have such a burden in my heart. Thank you for listening. Denise [email protected]

    • MRH

      Denise, you are not alone. It has taken over 4 years for wife to finally start waking up. She is about 90% of where I would like for her to be and I am grateful for the progress.

      As a suggestion, you may want to remind your husband that your Grandparents always had additional food, additional necessities of all types because of the great depression–it wasn’t called “prepping” it was called everyday life. Remind him of the situation that happened with Katrina, Sandy Super Storm, the swarm of tornado’s in both Missouri and Alabama and remind him of how those people were affected–not the people that, unfortunately, lost their lives, but all of the people that were left behind–no water, electricity, grocery stores, gasoline, etc. etc. etc. for several weeks or months in some cases. Remind him how the government responded to Katrina and Sandy Super Storm in particular–very slow, not much of a plan and it took massive effort to “help” anyone. Maybe if some of this type of approach is used you MAY be able to see a glimmer of light.

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