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Line up and prepare for the next bailout in student debt

Student loan debt crosses the $1.2 trillion mark. $248,000 for an undergraduate degree?


The nation is fully engulfed in a student debt bubble.  The problems with student debt are numerous yet this unrelenting bubble is allowed to grow like weeds in a garden.  Going back to 2000 total student debt outstanding rested around $200 billion.  Today it is over $1.2 trillion.  Keep in mind that during this time household incomes have retreated back to what they were in the mid-1990s.  So college costs more but you earn less.  Sounds like a winning recipe!  Compounding this debt bubble is the reality that half of college graduates are working in jobs that don’t employ their undergraduate degrees.  I continuously see that college graduates have a lower unemployment rate compared to others but in many cases this means a Starbucks job was given to someone with a college degree versus one without a degree.  I’m not sure that will be a big help when paying back $50,000 or $100,000 in student debt.

The delinquencies only get worse

Even though the problems are festering student debt is becoming a problematic liability class:

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  • Glitter 1

    A large amount of this debt is nothing more than socialist shift/concealment of unemployment stats by issuing student grants for housing,food as well as tuition for the chronically unemployed/unemployable where individuals go through the ruse of “getting/pursuing an education” because they either can’t get a job or won’t get a job.In the end the working tax payers are on the hook for someone else.I would venture to guess that at least half of this debt is squandered wealth without any return what so ever.

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