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Latest NASDAQ Freeze Intensifies Chill on Trading

from Wealth Cycles:

It happened again. Last week the NASDAQ securities market froze up, crippled by another computer glitch. This time trading stopped for three and a half hours, and all orders were cancelled. Yet again, technical problems have dramatically spotlighted the shortcomings of the modern stock market.

The NASDAQ crashed at 11:48 a.m. Eastern Time. All trading stopped on the exchange, and trades in NASDAQ-listed stocks on other exchanges slammed to a halt as well when the exchange decided to pull the plug about 27 minutes later at 12:14pm, according to news reports.

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1 comment to Latest NASDAQ Freeze Intensifies Chill on Trading

  • karate kid

    news flash their is no money in their just computers throwing digits around
    gasperino was on fox which is weird because he is msnbc snake salesman

    anyway saying computers have taken over

    just that statement alone analize it

    what\at the fook

    no ones reasponsblie?
    computers did it

    caaaaaaan you say full scale economic collapse

    the pins are set up and the bowling ball has been realeased

    gasparino is a tool msm is a joke

    computers did it hahhahhahh we are so screwed treason sedition rules the country

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