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John Rubino – Real Estate Bubble Begins To Deflate


John Rubino of joined us today. He sees that the real estate bubble, which looked like it was successfully reinflated, has begun to deflate. Higher interest rates, a slowing economy, and other factors appear to be taking their toll. Currently, over half of real purchases taking place are for cash. This means that investors are the primary market and that the public is largely absent from the home market arena. Other disturbing trends are in place. War clouds are on the horizon and the developing economies are seeing hot money draining out of their economies. Where’s the next black swan going to appear? Good question and no doubt the answer will present itself shortly.

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2 comments to John Rubino – Real Estate Bubble Begins To Deflate

  • Frank Zak

    This guy is bonkers.

    There are only 10% less new morgage applications
    for purchases. 50% less for refinancing.

    Residential real estate will run up for years,
    its not like silver.

    Look for at least 10% up a year for the next 5 years.

    401 k cash payouts are causing the 50% cash buys, not
    the investors, this is a myth.

    I have been a broker 30 years and called the major top and
    the bottom last year.

    Listen to these crazy people and it will literally screw
    up your whole life.

    Baby boomers are coming on line.

    Where do these freaks come from pretending to know
    real estate ?

  • Frank Zak

    Robert Kiyosaki and Reggie Middleton both
    got rich off real estate. This is a fact.

    The Weimar Republic was finally saved when they backed
    their currency with real estate. This is a fact.

    If you don’t buy real estate YOU ARE A SHEEPLE.

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