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James Turk – Gold Will Finish 2013 At $1675 Or Better


James Turk came back on the show after a long haitus. He’s extremely bullish on the yellow metal and for good reason. It’s been going back up as of late and we’re not seeing very much resistance on the upside. James is thinking that it will finish positive for the year and that this will be the 13th winner in a row. Perhaps he’s a bit overly optimistic, but he’s been right twelve years running and that’s good enough for us. He’s still seeing extremely powerful Asian buying, with China picking up Indian slack and we are heading into the strong gold buying season. Indian brides are happier when showered with gold.

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3 comments to James Turk – Gold Will Finish 2013 At $1675 Or Better

  • Sosayweall

    I can’t listen to any interwies with Kerry Lutz. I used to, but he does such a horrible job it hurts sometimes.

  • steelerdude

    Im predicting gold closes over $3205 by the year end….do you trust me? LOL

  • Mike

    And this guy has plenty of gold to sell you through his business. His best call was 100 silver and 2000 gold by the end of 2011! Just a bit off on that one. You’d think these guys would have learned to not make predictions, avoid hype, and focus on other things. That is why I like Maloney A LOT.

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