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Indian Gold to Silver Investment Demand

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-coin-investor:

Perhaps it is not terribly surprising to learn that recent silver demand numbers from India have set records. While gold still seems to be the typical precious metal of choice in the United States, silver is clearly making waves abroad.

Indian silver imports are up a staggering 259% at 857 tonnes in the April-July time period. That amount is approximately one third of the global monthly production of silver.

Furthermore, July’s Indian silver import amount of 275 tonnes is the second highest import figure of any month in the last 5 years.

A Large New Silver Vault Opens in Singapore

A silver vault that can hold 200 metric tons opens in Singapore this week to cater for increasing demand for physical precious metals among Asia’s wealthy, even as the commodity leads market declines this year. The new repository can hold $128 million of silver at today’s prices.

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2 comments to Indian Gold to Silver Investment Demand

  • Frank Zak

    In 1980 gold was $800.
    In 1980 silver was $50.

    Now gold is $1370 and silver
    is $23.

    Why ? Gold is underproduced.
    Silver is overproduced 207 million oz a year
    even after all coinage demands.

    In 5 years the above ground stockpile
    will double in silver.

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