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Incredible Video: A GARGANTUAN Explosion in the Sun…

from myunhauzen74:

Pay attention to the object that is approaching at high speed towards the sun on the right lower side. On closer approach to the Sun is a giant explosion on the Sun!

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2 comments to Incredible Video: A GARGANTUAN Explosion in the Sun…

  • Jonathan Hodge

    Just a sun diving comet. The CME came off the back, non earth facing side of the solar disk. We will not be affected by it, least not significantly.

  • Brian

    OMFG run for the hills! Were all going to DIE! or not…..
    Added 08/20/2013 @ 02:30 UTC
    Farsided Full-Halo CME Detected
    A large scale, full-halo Coronal Mass Ejection was captured by Lasco C2 and STEREO Behind COR2 late Monday evening. At first glance it would appear that it is directly headed towards out planet, however don’t be fooled. The event was farsided and heading the opposite direction away from our planet. Had it been directed our way, severe geomagnetic storming would have been probable.

    UPDATE: The CME appears to have been caused by an eruption around old Sunspot 1809 currently transiting the farside of the Sun.

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