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If US manufacturing really is recovering then inflation comes next

from Arabian Money:

The monthly ISM manufacturing index is the best number in two years at 55.4. As our friends at Agora Financial put it: ‘Nothing ugly buried in the report’s internals, either. New orders? Up big. Production? Up huge. Jobs? Back in expansion territory.’

Anything above 50 indicates expansion in US manufacturing; below 50 is a contraction. From what we heard in Vancouver last month the cheap energy revolution of hydraulic fracking is proving a renaissance to US industry and this is the start of this process.

Fracking revolution

The US has already drilled 110,000 new wells. Billions have been invested. Fracking produces gas at a third of global prices and oil. Hello Qatar? This cheap energy can be used to power any industry and as feedstock for nitrogen fertilizer and much more.

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1 comment to If US manufacturing really is recovering then inflation comes next

  • Ed_B

    “You can’t have the Federal Reserve pump up the volume of dollars like it has over the past four years without inflation.”

    Indeed not. But we already have inflation if anyone cares to look at it. Food, fuel, houses, and stocks are ALL inflated. Using the calculation that the US Gov used in 1990, inflation is at 9% right now. How much is needed before people wake up to the fact that the Fed’s inflation is purposely bogus and greatly underestimates the level of inflation?

    “Still the global headwinds of a crashing Chinese economy…”

    Most countries would give most anything to have their economies “crashing” like the Chinese. Gee, ONLY 7% growth. Tragedy! lol

    “Share prices already look a bit on the high side in the US but the Dow could shoot to 20,000. Real estate ought to go higher where it has not gotten back to pre-crisis levels…”

    If the Dow shoots to 20,000 it will be because Fed printing has levitated stock prices to about triple what their true value is. This is called inflation, not growth.

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