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Shorts Getting Slaughtered. Got PHYSICAL?

It’s clear the game is changing, right before our eyes. The entire world is waking up to the paper precious metals scam perpetrated by the international banking cartel, central banks and bullion banks.

Despite the morning take down, silver has popped more than a buck from morning lows, and gold more than $50. The shorts are taking it in the shorts.

Silver is now up some 27% from its recent print low at $18.53, according to Elliot Wave Technology.

Cash (and paper promises) is trash. And physical inventory in hand is the only game moving forward. China knows it. India knows it. Benjamin Shalom Bernanke knows it. Jamie Dimon and Blythe Masters know it. Do you?

Better get some PHYSICAL while you still can. Then you can dare the cartel Banksters to “Come and take it”.

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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17 comments to Shorts Getting Slaughtered. Got PHYSICAL?

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Spanking those shorts.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    This action on the 1971 anniversary of the closing of the gold window.



  • Dirty

    Excellent, on the anniversary of the Great Crime, and on the heels of Wiki cables about manipulation and China being savvy to it buying dips, mining like crazy, not exporting a signle ounce, and importing quantities that have the petrodollar foundation cracking. As soon as Syria is “democratized” watch for hot economic war as China sinks its hooks ever deeper into Arabia and Africa, building infrastructure and producing commodities while The Anglos deficit spend for physical dominance through brute force. Weve already lost, its only a matter of how the unraveling will fall out here. Damn those 10YT are spiking. There will be no tapering. Its impossible.

  • steelerdude

    interesting take by cnbc on why the markets are tanking….yes, the leaders of the stock market are getting thin….they are seeing sales dropping off in this quarter…

    and all that fed money being pumped in isnt doing jack shit!|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=100965886|Here%27s+what%27s+worrying+th

  • ValleyForge

    Let’s not get our hopes up just yet. I’ve seen this before somewhere only to get backhanded back to reality. But if it is the END for the shorts then HOORAY!!!

  • Tom G.

    Hopefully there will be some more follow-through tonight and tomorrow in both metals. What I am looking for very short term is when the paper metals retrace some of their recent up-moves, then I want to see gold hold the $1331 level. That would be big. We really need to bust through the $1485 level in paper gold and hold for 2-3 months.

    To be crystal clear about the continuous bottom calls by seemingly EVERYONE who have been wrong over and over and over again= My take is- The bottom MAY be in. BUT WE WILL ONLY KNOW THAT IN RETROSPECT. We will only know if the bottom was really in= a year or a year and a half from now. This is not not meant to diminish optimism. The paper price in metals looks good right now. But everyone thought surely the bottom in silver was in when it went from $33 to $42. But notice that it fell to $18.50 over a long period of time after that. The point being- we are still talking about the PAPER price.

    That being said- this latest big move in both metals is a cause for some optimism especially with the Fall season coming up.

  • Hman

    Finally some wind in our sail, but with the devil around the corner we should expect anything.

  • Glitter 1

    The fundamentals haven’t changed a lick over the last two years,in fact they have become even more acute.Why wouldn’t we expect the bottom to be in!Gold should be $2500,Silver should be $125 in a free trading market.

    Let’s just go back several months,Jim Sinclair made a statement that at some point in this market,those large commercials that are net short Gold will flip their positions and go net Long to ride the wave up.Well looky what we have here,for the first time since 2000-2001 the Large Commercials(read:Bullion Banks,JPM et al)have closed 95% of their shorts and are Net Long.In fact,Ted Butler is saying JMP’s concentrated position has cornered 25% of the Gold Market.What does JPM et all know that we haven’t learned as yet.I’ll bet Sinclair et al knows.

    Oh ye of little faith!It won’t be long before all of the experts(whiners) will be out/back bleating with joy and hubris. (sarc mine)

    Keep the faith,we all know the truth of where this is all going.

  • The Truth

    Well here is some BS from CNBS. This morning when the price was taken down I came across this little nugget (Demand for physical gold jumps 53% in second quarter). At the same time the price was recovering from the lows of 1318 Gold futures price. Now this was the same website with all the negative spin and mope when the price was taken down in April- June. So what say ye of the manipulations. These hedge funds and big banks know for certain that the price is going north of $3000.00 but they have to make sure their gain in substantial. That’s why they get traders to gang up on one side of a trade to either go long or short(like what GS did before the takedown by calling gold bearish), knowing that in order to get through support they will have to trigger the stops below 1520.00. At the same time these same big institutions are getting out of shorts and going to the other side(long). Remember this was the same thing that Rothschild did back in the 1907 crash. He started selling and watched while it fed on itself and when it was cheap enough he started buying. Nothing has changed but the weather if history is learned.

  • I doubt this price action has to do with the public waking up to sound money. More likely traders piling into momentum; plus getting out of the seasonally slow period.

    In the end, physical reality will win. But this…is just a blip.

    That said, I’m definitely vibing we are in for the next Leg Up.

  • Steve_D

    I’m not getting too excited just yet, they throw you some crumbs after eating out your sustenance and we get all giddy. Give them 24 hrs and they’ll have it back under ‘control’

  • Don’t get too excited gang. There will be heavy selling in the $27 area. If silver blows through to $29 then you will see a nice scramble up to 35.

  • makes me wonder the bad guys sell a shitload of paper to each other to bring down the price then people panic and also sell and brings the price down more and then one of the bad guys scumbag buddys (IE) JPM,HSBC ect,, start buying a few hunderd million paper ounces at lets say $20 and we start to feel good so we start buying more cause the price is on the move from what we hope was the bottom $18.53 now almost $23 if they bought at $20 a few hundred million ounces thats alot of gain then they make a call to the other jerkoff bad guy and put in a massive sell order and give us the old SMACK DOWN !!!! And the cycle starts all over again.Well thats just my opinion i could be wrong

  • slipstitchpass

    Its go time!

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