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Gold trends indicate possibility of $1500 by end-2013

By Sreekumar Raghavan, BullionStreet:

When it comes to Gold, just about everyone on the street is an expert. Last week, when I went to buy from the local grocer, he was also eager to know how the markets are faring but only that he himself had a view on gold and equities in general. But much of it has been gathered from hearsay or and not from any meaninful analysis of the markets.

As I have noted yesterday, gold bulls are cautiously returning but not many are venturing into any wild guess for the simple reason that they have often failed to accurately gauge market sentiments.

I am not overly bullish on gold but there are some indications already to show that gold could move higher.

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1 comment to Gold trends indicate possibility of $1500 by end-2013

  • Hannon

    Yaaaaaawn…… Wake me up when the bullion banks default and the people realize all the treasuries around the world hold nothing but gold certificates.

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