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Gold Silver Ratio

by David Chapman, Gold Seek:

The Gold/Silver ratio is currently just under 58:1. Many have cited that the Gold/Silver ratio should be roughly 16:1. This was an historic level that existed largely prior to 1900 during periods when both gold and silver were routinely fixed prices. The ratio as a result was largely fixed as well. That was then but this is now. Since 1900, the Gold/Silver ratio has been far more volatile ranging as high as 100 to as low as 16/17 at the time of both gold and silver’s peak in January 1980. The ratio peaked once again over 100 in 1991 and since then has been on a downward trajectory hitting a low of 32 at the time of silver’s peak at $49.50 in late April 2011.

There are numerous arguments in the gold/silver community as to where the ratio should be. There are those that believe that ratio should go back to its historical level near 16. At today’s prices with gold at $1,400 silver would need to be about $90.

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