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Gold Broke Through $1,400; What’s Next?

from KitcoNews:

Gold broke through $1,400 and Gary Wagner called it! Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone talks to him about current gold prices and how he expects them to move in September. According to Wagner, there is a wild card at play in the markets. “That wild card is Syria. If any conflict occurs there, we can see dramatically higher prices.” Wagner also expects September to offer real opportunities in investing and trading.

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1 comment to Gold Broke Through $1,400; What’s Next?

  • Frank Zak

    All it takes is one USA ship get hit for a major war.
    Think the Syrians are just going to sit there and take it ?

    The stock market closed below
    support this week. Could be making a head
    and shoulders top.

    Silver exactly hit the top Bollinger band and sharply reversed.

    Gold has not hit its top Bollinger band.

    Both are still above support and can drop some and
    still stay above support.

    Physical demand is very low from public, but central
    banks are big buyers. China is buying like crazy.

    Gold coin demand is lowest in 7 years from mint.

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