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Glenn Beck: ‘We Don’t Survive’ If We Go Into Syria

from MichaelSavage4Prez:

Do NOT buy into this… We are insane what we are doing.

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3 comments to Glenn Beck: ‘We Don’t Survive’ If We Go Into Syria

  • steelerdude

    As Glenn said “Obama is moving at lightning speed”….you can account on that one! The collapse will be just around the corner…

  • blounttruth

    Say it aint so Glenn! Changing your mind once again within two weeks of calling for all out war? What a tool for the establishment he is, keeping his blind sheep ever guessing what they should believe next, and not understanding that because someone claims to have faith (like every politician in Washington) they should not immediately be trusted, and Beck is the worst of the worst in propagandizing for the neo conservative ultra Liberal’s.

    Look what Beck was saying 2 weeks ago while everyone else in the world knew better than to start another war, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he will support anything that the neo conservatives say when it comes to protecting their nation, the U.S. be damned.

    Beck is a Judas Goat, and will lead his followers off the cliff with him while the Libertarians and Liberty movement laugh at his sudden found love for Libertarianism, yet the only people falling for it are those Bush sympathizers that fail to realize that Obama garnered most of his powers from a rouge Bush administration Hell bent on destroying the constitution, yet Beck loved it when the right wingers were the tyrants, only when Obama took the reigns did the outcry begin.

    Until partisan fools open their eyes and admit that both sides of the isle are no longer working for the people, both sides have usurped their roles in protecting and defending the constitution, and both sides work directly for the globalists against the interests of the American people and our sovereignty, then we will continue to be in a perpetual state of war electing the status quo on the right and then the left while nothing ever changes. God forbid we get a Ron Paul in office that wants to use resources and common sense to govern the American people, and provide security based on Constitutional principles, but there will always be Beck’s and his followers who think that as long as their team has control, no power is too great while Rome burns and vote again and again against their own self interests in order to make sure the tyrant of the day is wearing their team color.

  • rico

    Love, Love, Love how Glenn the Shill says “We don’t survive if We go into Syria.” Hey Glenn, WE does NOT include ME. It only includes the Military Industrial Complex, who is fighting on behalf of the Rothschild Central Banks to get one established there, in much the same way we went into Libya, Egypt and dare I say Iraq. Pretty pathetic stuff to allow the once great nation to be ruled by a bunch of banking cartel thugs. Please refrain from including ME in Your WE…CHARLATAN.

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