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Glass-Steagall: Wall Street’s Permanent Bank Holiday

from LaRoucheYouth:

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3 comments to Glass-Steagall: Wall Street’s Permanent Bank Holiday

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    yeah, that’s right. We need more credit to be extended to the broke nation. Jefferson had it right. You clowns want to perpetuate the debt based money that cartels have control over, rather than the people. Moar credit! Fools attract.

  • jeff

    All we need is Glass-Steagall and the Great Pumpkin and we will all be back on easy street.

  • Jonathan

    Glass-Steagall is a way to save the banks. Once it’s reintroduced anyone who claims about the banks will be told “don’t worry we stood up to the banks things were bad before now everything will be alright” Elizabeth Warren is not a populist she’s a Fascist trying to save the Fasces.

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