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Genetically modified babies? – New science lets parents select child’s genetic sequence, rearrange DNA

by Lance Johnson, Natural News:

New science is emerging and converging which allows parents to pre-fabricate the genetic sequence of their children. New generation gene sequencing, coupled with in-vitro fertilization will allow parents to choose the genetic makeup of their child. A new controversial procedure called mitochondrial transfer will allow parents to create genetically superior embryos by buying DNA from a “superior” mother and then transplanting it to their select embryo. Playing God, parents can literally select their own designer babies, choosing superior and acceptable gene sequences, selected to suit personal preferences.

First genetically modified baby is born

The first genetically modified baby was born this year, May 28, 2013. The parents, Marybeth Scheidts, 36, and David Levy, 41, utilized next generation gene sequencing and in-vitro fertilization to bypass natural reproduction.

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