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Fukushima nightmare: An atmospheric scientist and a medical scientist sound alarm

by Rady Ananda, Activist Post:

In this two-hour July 2013 interview with an atmospheric scientist and planetary risk consultant, we learn that the Fukushima catastrophe is ongoing, that the US government is lying to us about our exposure to radiation and its attendant impact, and that our Food “Safety” agencies have raised allowable levels of radiation by more than 400%.

Simon Atkins, PhD, DSc, warns not to eat any Pacific seafood and to consider moving to the Southern Hemisphere, at least 15° south of the equator.

In a more staid presentation in March, a medical scientist presents detailed information on the impacts of the Fukushima catastrophe on the human body, in terms any intelligent lay person can comprehend.

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5 comments to Fukushima nightmare: An atmospheric scientist and a medical scientist sound alarm

  • Eric

    That crap is now everywhere and hardly anyone is talking about it. Jeff Rense has been staying on top of it but unfortunately he’s not as popular as odumbo. This will be the first generation to not live as long as our parents. And then there is the geoengineering. Check out Dane Wigington.

    Oh well. I’ve just about had it with this world. There is something terribly wrong with the human population that infests it and I don’t know that I really want to see it get to rock bottom anyways. Everyone is afraid to talk and they can’t face their fears. They think they can hide or just keep quiet and avoid everything and somehow they will survive. WRONG! They are already dead. They just don’t know it. They can’t wake up and know what it’s like to be alive. I’m downright disgusted. Mostly with family and friends.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Excellent topic that warrants our close attention. Since I’ve followed the work of Clif High and his web bots and Ed Dames RV studies I can see why the Canadian government turned off their west coast radiation monitors since “they were no longer needed”. Clif High indicated that the initial meltdowns were only a small part of the total problem and that this is a gift that keeps on giving and worsening with time. The next big catastrophe will result with the loss of the ability to keep hundreds of tons of spent fuel rods in storage pools cooled. A massive fire and atmospheric release of radiation would result that would dwarf anything that happened so far. It has already been reported that people who carried hand held dosimeters onto commercial airline flights have had them indicate dangerous level of radiation during the flights. This weekend I stumbled upon a video of Ed Dames on Coast to Coast on April 23rd 2013 and after listening to it promptly went on line and ordered a dosimeter. I’m glad I’ve spent the last few years preparing for the inevitable SHTF scenario. When it finally arrives I think we are going to be assaulted on many fronts. Good luck everyone we are going to need it.

    • Randa

      Clif’s latest alta report ~ no electricity. Something is coming in October, most likely a cataclysm “created” by the monsters who control this world ~ mixing in with the cataclysmic conditions “created” by Fukushima. I’m beyond preparing for anything as I am totally not interested in living in a post-cataclysmic world.

      The thing that is so absurd is that the monsters have destroyed just about every other planet in THIS universe which is habitable. Earth is the only remaining planet which can sustain life.

      Pity their bloodlust is so severe that they cut off their nose to spite their (blank) face.

      • Harvey Wallbanger

        I can also relate to not wanting to live in a post apocalyptic world. I would feel the same were in not for the fact that My kids and grandkids have the potential to play part in the creation new paradigm on this planet, one better than anything we have ever experienced. One of my kids is an active participant and the other thinks I’m crazy. I have the resources to see us all through the SHTF scenario and have quite a few blue collar skills I can contribute through it all. We will see how this all unfolds.

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