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Finding My Way Home

by Wendy McElroy, Dollar Vigilante:

Jews who were dispersed across the globe because of government oppression traditionally ended the Passover seder with the phrase, “Next Year in Jerusalem.” It was and is part of commemorating the exodus from Egypt that was led by Moses.

Anyone who loves freedom should raise his glass and make the toast, “This year in Galt’s Gulch Chile.”

Government oppression has arrived like a jackboot and it will become worse before it becomes better. The “worse” is likely to last many years because nations like the United States have a great deal of ruination in them before they collapse; the Soviet Union lasted almost 7 decades. It is now time for a libertarian exodus that will not take you away from your true home, but toward it. Do not wait for years when borders may have closed tightly around your family and all you possess. That is the way of all totalitarian states; they slam borders shut.

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2 comments to Finding My Way Home

  • bbobrm

    although Jeff has some valid things to say , he is just an opportunist CONSTANTLY promoting his real estate development…….FIRST !!….. HE’S A DEVELOPER , SEAN !

    • NaySayer

      Berwick is kind of a nut, but I don’t think he would deny that he is a businessman who is always looking for something to develop whether it be a website, a hotel or a real estate project in Chile.

      I don’t think he apologizes for it either. That is who he is and he thinks that everybody should be.

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