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Financial Repression and Stagflation policy avoids the Hyperinflation Scenario

by argentus maximus, TF Metals Report:

I have been trying to consider some things from a fresh perspective. You see, if you look at things the same way you looked at them before, you see the same stuff, and draw the same conclusions as the last time.

So like any good investigator would do, I must try to obtain different viewpoints, and different sources of information, before we sift the information and come to a conclusion about the economy, or the market. But where to get the different sources? One way is to step outside my experience when appraising things, and hopefully a new viewpoint on the same old reality will bring a new idea about that reality.

So how about this:

If you don’t pay your credit card bill, more letters will arrive. Soon the contact becomes more insistent, and the phone will ring looking for information and money to pay your debts please. After a while a personal visit is likely, it will be diplomatic, since from the credit card company’s side of things there is no need for a falling out if the amount owed can be settled peacefully.


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