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Energy Oligarchs Get Richer PLANNING Plants

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

My apologies to our Florida residents, Earl and Mertis, but it’s time to take a peek at more corruption in Florida. This time it’s the energy sector. The scam? Traitor-politicians have handed out such sweet SUBSIDIES to nuclear power corporations that these gigantic energy companies are “starting construction” on plants they have no intention of ever building.

Then AFTER they have soaked-up a $BILLION or so of Florida taxpayer dollars (via these subsidies); they announce that they are “canceling construction” of the plant(s) because it’s “too expensive”. And then they go right back to “planning” more plants.

How do we figure out which corporate “subsidies” are straight stealing, and which MIGHT actually have some valid economic purpose behind them? Too difficult. Instead, the only rational policy is to VOID all corporate subsidies programs — and then ONLY begin to allow a few pennies to trickle out AFTER all our programs for PEOPLE have been restored and properly funded.

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