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Duck Dynasty’s “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson Stands With George Washington, And Asks, “Who Do You Stand With?”

from Jennifer Johnson:

Watch the entire speech HERE.

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3 comments to Duck Dynasty’s “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson Stands With George Washington, And Asks, “Who Do You Stand With?”

  • NaySayer

    Do we want to be the sort of people who get our opinions from the tv? Not because they are reasoned arguments with examples but because the person stating them is famous for a reality tv show? I don’t want that and I think that has been a lot of how this nation has been dumbed down.

    The thing is, I am sick of celebritards telling us what we should think. And if I am against it for people I don’t agree with then I am also not going to champion opinions from people I might agree with part of the time either. Duck dude or a Kardashian, I’m not taking their opinions as freaking truth.

    I am just not going to believe anybody about anything because supposedly they are miraculously more intelligent and insightful because they have some stupid show on tv.

    • GoodOleBoy

      On the other side of that is the fact that they, being in the public light, have a chance and a responsibility to set a good example by whatever values the represent. I agree that you should not get your opinions from someone because they are on TV but your opinions should be formed by your experience and what you can learn from others.

      I think that Duck Commander is nice because they represent a large part of the population that isn’t usually seen in TV land that carries traditional American values.

  • MillieT

    What is so funny, is that this is not even true. George Washington never said those words. Also, the first capital of the United States of America was not even Washington, DC.But the sheeple blindly believe everything they are told – especially if it is in reference to the Christian faith or the Bible. What utter fools to believe what they are told instead of using their brain to find the truth.

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