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Denver Airport: Portal to the New World Underground

Cryptic symbols at the Denver International Airport have fueled conspiratorial probes about what is really going on there.

by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, TruthStream Media:

“Welcome to DIA… We have red eyed evil horse statues, murals of people being slaughtered, and secret underground CoG bases… Enjoy your flight.” ~Scott Lopez

As a traveler arriving in Denver, the Denver International Airport (DIA) can be a strange landing place. Planes touch down some 26 miles from downtown with the Rocky Mountains out in the distance, and closer, a vision of the odd mountain-like roof canopied over the largest airport in North America. On the perimeter of the runways is a vast prairie space destined for development.

New World Airport: Inside the $4.8 billion airport is a modern concourse connected by expansive underground trains. Past security is the baggage area — once meant to be an iconic automatic system that ultimately failed — where passengers cross paths with a creepy statue of a gargoyle in a suitcase and walk past a series of murals that range in intensity from unnerving to apocalyptically creepy.

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4 comments to Denver Airport: Portal to the New World Underground

  • Rodster

    I remember Jesse Ventura doing an episode on this very subject on his show Conspiracy Theories. He even got kicked out of the DIA for being too nosey.

  • theoptimist75

    I have never been to DIA but that $hit looks creepy. I will make sure I never land there…… willingly at least. haha!!!

  • andrew james

    I thought that the blue horse was the mascot for the Denver Broncos. My bad.

  • NaySayer

    I flew through the new denver airport in around ’06. This was before you got date raped to fly.

    The areas we were in didn’t have anything weird in it, but I saw the jesse ventura show and that was some creepy and unneccessary crap on the walls. I heard they covered over or changed some of the more insane artwork after the ventura show aired.

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