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Corporate Media addresses the UK’s “missing gold”…

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Where is the “missing” 1300 TONS of UK gold? According to the mainstream media; at least 800 tons of that gold has been shipped to Switzerland. Of course the Corporate Media doesn’t want us to believe that this gold came out of the dwindling national holdings of the UK. Instead, we’re supposed to believe the following:

…“The UK does not have gold mines, so where has it all come from? The obvious source is the gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), most of which hold their gold holdings in London vaults, and which saw huge outflows in 1H 2013,” Macquarie said.

As regular readers know; this is an amusing tale for small children, but has no place in the real world. As my latest gold article points out; most of what the paper-called-gold sellers were selling must have been just paper. So the propaganda machine has NO EXPLANATION as to where this gold came from…other than UK national stockpiles.

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