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Cops Admit On Video That They Targeted Activist

from Activist Post:

The question of who the police really work for was answered by the police themselves following the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo in Oregon on May 19.

Whereas it is the duty of true public servants to uphold the Constitution for each individual citizen, such was not the duty of Oregon’s Malheur County Sheriff’s Department.

It all began when an anti-rodeo activist, Steve Hindy, had been targeted for harassment by the rodeo board representing the rodeo he was protesting against. You see, it was they who called in the directions to conduct an illegal traffic stop. After all, what are those (paid) “relationships” with the police department for, right? And, naturally, where there is one instance of a corrupt police department, there are often more to be cited. The revealing video below explains.

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3 comments to Cops Admit On Video That They Targeted Activist

  • andrew james

    Hindy sure picked an uphill battle to fight. I like animals too. I can see how the majority of people would think that animal rights is an issue that is not a priority. I can’t help but have some sympathy for them. He doesn’t have a chance in their dukes of hazzard court system.

    • Ed_B

      He seems to be doing pretty well with it. I also sympathize with their cause but also with those who participate in and enjoy watching rodeo. This is an activity that is big in the west and that a lot of people appreciate. Accidents do happen sometimes, though, and both people and animals are injured and perhaps even killed as a consequence. Other sports are dangerous as well, such as football, hang gliding, hunting, rock climbing, parachuting, and scuba diving. People still do them, however.

      That said, this is not a license for any police agency to violate the rights of people who live in or visit their jurisdiction. Many police agencies use the motto “To protect and to serve” and they mean it. The protection part is pretty clear but it is the serving that is critical. Part of that service is to have a very high regard for the rights of all citizens. I have been in Malheur county a few times and it is BIG… bigger than most eastern states, in fact. People and police are few and far between, so when a deputy sheriff drove past us with a friendly wave, we were happy to know that someone was around who could help if we had a problem in this desolate area. If Mr. Hindy’s rights were violated, he has a good chance of redress in court. Having the video evidence he has and showed in this video, it would be awfully hard for a judge not to find in his favor. If a local judge does that, he should appeal to a higher state court.

  • King Silver

    I live in CANADA. 4 years ago I went to a hockey rink with my oldest. The rink had 2 sides, A and B. The A side had about 300 people in it. As I went to the A side to watch the older players I noticed people were drinking and drunk, smoking and some even smoking pot, Im CANADA this is against the law and you WILL be fined 10, 000! they will charge you. I spoke to the Zamboni guy and asked why he was allowing this. He said he couldn’t stop it, the rink was rented to the THUNDER BAY POLICE!!! We’ve long moved but this really bother’s me. When the last time you felt safe with a cop driving by you? Lost for words! even telling the story puts my family at risk!

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