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City economists say eurozone recession is ‘over’

The eurozone has exited its longest recession since records began, official figures are expected to show this week.

by Emma Rowley, The Telegraph:

Growth from the powerhouse economy of Germany has pulled the single currency region’s economy as a whole out of contraction mode, economists believe.

Wednesday’s “flash” estimate for the region’s growth in the second quarter of this year is expected to show gross domestic product (GDP) expanded by 0.2pc on the previous quarter, after shrinking for the previous six quarters in a row.

That would mark an end to the recession – defined as two or more consecutive quarters in which an economy shrank – which the euro region entered at the end of 2011.

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3 comments to City economists say eurozone recession is ‘over’

  • Rodster

    The EU recession is over? Tell that to that to Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, France, Portugal etc. You see just as the US can soooo fudge the numbers to make it’s economy look good. I have no doubt the EU has taken a que from us. If you say a lie over and over, people will start to belive it especially when you add a compliant media. 😉

  • karate kid

    it is over the greatest depression has started.daaa

  • NaySayer

    Nobody believes anything the controlled media whores say anymore. HOnestly, when you read that headline didn’t you just feel contempt for whatever whore they got to write that “news” story?

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