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BREAKING: Obama “Concludes” That Assad Carried Out Chemical Attack

from Zero Hedge:

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6 comments to BREAKING: Obama “Concludes” That Assad Carried Out Chemical Attack

  • Isaac

    And I CONCLUDE that Obama is guilty of: Pick the crimes.

  • dan

    he also says “water is easy to walk on”……Federal Marshals should be waiting to arrest him if he Unconstitutionally starts a syrian conflict…He MUST ask for congressional approval as per the LAW….the CONSTITUTION..if not he should go to jail…

  • 4rc

    Obama concluded Benghazi was the result of some youtube video noone saw

  • hoser

    Lets see the evidence numbnuts! Oh wait, Eric Holder to Permanently Seal the evidence for future litigation.

  • Racer 28

    it was stated by Karen Hudes, former chief counsel for The World Bank and corruption whistle blower, in an interview on USA Watchdog today. She says this isn’t about international law or humanitarian support, but rather this is over an Arab natural gas pipeline that needs to be run through Syria to bring the gas to market, that is currently being blocked by Syria in exchange for support from Russia, The line would support gas delivery to the U.K. Russia opposes U.S intervention because currently the U.K. is somewhat limited to their natural gas supply coming from Russia, thus would cut Russia out of their market. Egypt made and offer to Russia to supply them with arms for cheap if they removed their support of Syria. Russia said no. Additionally China and Russia are in step with each other, as we all know they are working together in a petrol exchange outside of the dollar. Go figure. Egypt is supporting U.S. action as this helps their cause without getting their hands dirty. Just another story of what the mockingbird media isn’t telling us.

  • The Truth

    Well did he get the evidence from vacation or was it from one of those drones? How can he conclude based of his own conclusion? I conclude this man is Mad sick head no good!

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