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‘Boiling Sea’ Off Fukushima Viral Photo Of The Day

from Before Its News:

The sea is boiling off of the coast of Fukushima, Japan and the picture below has been called a viral photo of the day by Coolbuster. Check out the picture, what is that all about? It certainly can’t be good for any plant or animal life left off of the coast of Japan… if this radiation keeps leaking, and there’s no way to stop it, will boiling seas spread all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the West Coast of the United States? If so, what happens then? We are so ‘fuked’. Three brand new video reports below share the Fukushima news that you’re not getting from our government or the mainstream media.

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4 comments to ‘Boiling Sea’ Off Fukushima Viral Photo Of The Day

  • andrew james

    This is what escaped nuclear fuel looks like.

  • c.i.

    Yep, this is what you get dropping nukes and killing in the 40s. It is called what comes around goes around so put up with it. Your turn in the barell. You fked everything up down here as well. Now you want to get into another war?

  • marty

    What boiling? It just looks like some fog to me. That would be caused because the water within the “dike” is warmer than the dew point of the atmosphere, but it may be warmer because it is confined, and the weather has been sunny. The ocean outside the dike is not confined, and is cooler. It’s like leaving a bucket of water beside a lake on a sunny day. The water in the bucket gets warmer, than the lake.
    What escaped nuclear fuel? If there is any, the particles would be microscopic, so how could you say? Even if there are radioactive particles in the water, there is a “silt dike” that confines the water around the plant. Water leaving the site filters through the silt, and particles are deposited there.
    There are good answers to the problems piled up by electric utilities, the nuclear industry, and the politicians enthralled by them. Spent fuel rods should be reprocessed, and the fissionables used to power molten salt “converter” reactors, thus making the rods a resource to be protected, rather than waste to be handled in as cheap a way as possible. While sitting around as waste, they are an accident waiting to happen. In this manner the fissionables(U-235, PU) in the spent fuel would be destroyed, radioactive fission daughters removed, many of which are valuable for medical, industrial, or research purposes, and the need for uranium mining reduced, and process heat, and electricity generated.
    The solutions to technological problems such as, electrical generation, unsafe reactor replacement, and used fuel disposal, can only be solved by the application of technology. Since the public and politicians refuse to educate themselves on the subjects of nuclear physics, and nuclear engineering, the political system does not hold the answers. Supporting “solutions” you don’t understand because the advocates of same have appealed to your emotions does not help.
    The possible solutions to these problems must be formulated by engineers, and scientists, and which solutions to pursue to these problems must be chosen by engineers, and scientists, not corporate management, or the political process. Allowing choices by these methods has gotten us into this mess. The political process is controlled by corporations through lobbying, and corporate media. The process must be transparent, so that people with the knowledge to judge can do so. Ignorant people just do not make good decisions, and the vast majority of people are ignorant of these subjects!

  • andrew james

    What ever way you spin it marty this is an unprecedented experiment and everybody on the planet is a lab rat now. The fuel that has gone bye bye was from reactors 1 through 3. The fuel is cooking underground somewhere now.

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