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Being There

by Captain Hook, Gold Seek:

Still as poignant as ever in capturing the essence of an increasingly debased reality of life in an unbridled (fiat currency) economy, we have Being There, Jerzy Kosinski’s masterpiece, first published in 1970, and then made into a film starring Peter Sellers in 1979. Along this line of thinking, one cannot help but be struck by the parallels to present times, with an aging plutocracy seemingly searching for wisdom in all the wrong places in an effort to maintain the status quo, both then and now, unfortunately found in simple-headed wisdom learned from watching too much television. Because people are too busy to read apparently, if they can read at all (Chance was not a reader), so they depend on television not just for their entertainment, but also for their education and news. So what you get is a bunch of dummies listening to unscrupulous talking heads who will literally say anything to forward their agendas, clinging onto absolute non-sense because such views meld with their own distorted views of the world – all looking to either defraud or for a free lunch – or both.

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