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As Real As It Gets

by Kevin Drost, Global Wealth Protection:

We often read about the precious metals market in analytical terms: resistance points, support levels, 90-day moving averages, production, supply and demand, etc. What is often forgotten in all the analysis is how precious metals are a life saver in times of crisis. Throughout history, possessing gold and silver has often meant the difference between eating or not, freedom or not, and even life or death. And I only need look at far as my own extended family to demonstrate this.

My mother was born in 1927 in Germany before the rise of the Nazi party. The only child of a physician and a school teacher, she grew up in what is now Poland. As the Nazi Party grew in stature and influence, my mother was introduced to the Hitler Jugend movement at a very young age. As the war broke out in 1939, she continued to support the Nazis. But when she became a teenager and learned about the various concentration camps and what went on there, her family denounced the Nazi Party for its atrocities. The repercussions were harsh.

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