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Are The Leaked Britam Defence Emails Fake?

from StormCloudsGathering:

Are the Britam Defence emails fake? Let’s take a look at some of the evidence.

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2 comments to Are The Leaked Britam Defence Emails Fake?

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    There at least two issues with the mail headers:

    1. They have a different date stamp but the same time stamp
    2. They have the same Message-ID, which should be unique

    But they ball seem to come from bugs in ms outlook and exchange. Seem like the sender used Firefox to access via web access a ms outlook instance running on an exchange server:

    Have a look at some of the bugs and infos to get some background on this:

    Lets examine No. 1 first:
    – Check the Exchange 4.0. Service Packs at ; in that document or the web search for:
    – Q152886: XADM: Message Tracking Time Stamps are Incorrect
    – Q161933: XFOR: MSMI Message Sent Time Stamp is Incorrect
    – also see:
    – this is for the combination with outlook web access; the error description nicely fits the situation with different time zones
    – Q152865: XCLN: Last Update Time not Saved Using Remote Mail

    There a similar bugs other Exchange versions:
    – Exchange 3:
    – Exchange 5:

    Now lets have a look at No. 2 or the same-message-id-problem:
    This can occur if the sender uses Outlook and/or Exchange, or resends a previous sent message (with changed content), or in some other not unusual scenarios
    – possibly related: (german language)

    So agreed, the mails look fishy but thats most probably just because of microsoft spreading bugs.

    And for me it seems perfectly consistent with the graph Vision-Network__July2012.vsd which says that they use a London based Server which provides a MS Exchange Server with Outlook Web Access.

    Some experts probably could get more detailed info on the exact software version used by Britam defence.

    So thanks StormsCloudGathering for this research. Seems to prove that the mails are real.
    I believe more in ms bugs than in such an professional “faker” who misses the unique Message-IDs and the time stamps!

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