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Are People Literally Starting To Worship Obama As A God?

by Gary Gibson, Dollar Vigilante:

Below is the most disturbing video I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not another clip of fascist police ganging up on and murdering some peaceful citizen for no good reason. It’s not US military personnel or drones blowing up brown children in some faraway occupied land.

It’s a small child offering a prayer.

This clip disturbs because of what is said, by whom it is said, and to whom it said. A child. Praying. To a president.

I’m sure this is not the first time ever that someone has prayed to a president as if he had divine powers. Thanks to the magic of the internet, however, this is the first time I have been able to witness it and have it scar my psyche. This short tragedy doesn’t just drive home the point that statism is the modern religion, as fiercely held as the ancient and often bloody superstitions; It also reveals a growing level of devotion to the monopolized violence, particularly to a drone-loving, glib sociopath who nominally heads the biggest, most powerful state the world has ever known.

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