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America, Would You Please Wake Up!

In the following exclusive interview the distinguished author/researcher Peter Dale Scott (“American War Machine“) talks about: the military-industrial complex in the United States; resource wars; open questions related to the attacks of 9/11; Continuity of Government / the suspension of the U.S. Constitution; and a business that constitutes the third biggest global commodity in cash terms after oil and the arms trade: drug trafficking.

by Lars Schall, Lars Schall:

Professor Scott, in order to kick off our interview and frame it right away within a financial-economical-warfare context, I would like to quote the beginning of an article by a former colleague of yours, the late Chalmers Johnson, who wrote 2008 in a “Le Monde diplomatique“-analysis entitled “The Economic Disaster that is Military Keynesianism. Why the US has really gone broke“ the following:

“Global confidence in the US economy has reached zero, as was proved by last month’s stock market meltdown. But there is an enormous anomaly in the US economy above and beyond the subprime mortgage crisis, the housing bubble and the prospect of recession: 60 years of misallocation of resources, and borrowings, to the establishment and maintenance of a military-industrial complex as the basis of the nation’s economic life.” [i]

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