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All The Gold Is Headed To China…

from TekoaDaSilva:

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1 comment to All The Gold Is Headed To China…

  • mac

    Forget CNBS and Bloomberg – they r psy-ops controlled by the Fed, JPM and GS and their Gang!
    The TV people (many excited ladies – “unexpected”, “suprising” “plunge” “crash” – women hate negativity and it rubs off on viewers – that is why women are in the anchor chair alot of the time! They can make men nervous.)
    On CNBS now a young lady – like she he has a driver’s liscense? – is telling me all about the world! Ha, ha. Go to hell.
    MSM sets us up, the Banksters then front run the govt’s next batch of “data” and we get buried again. That is the plan people.

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