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Reggie Love Talks Obama Birth Certificate: “Documents Get Lost”

[Note: Reggie Love, President Obama’s former ‘body man’, is a strange character (details below). Reggie Love still vacations with the Obama family, often flying to destinations separately with the President. In this interview, one cannot help but wonder why Mr. Love feels so comfortable repeatedly referring to the President of the United States as “he”, and never ever as “the President” or “Mr. Obama”, as one in a position of service would be expected to do. ~SGT]

from BirtherReportDotCom:

Reginald L. Love (born April 29, 1981) served as the special assistant and personal aide, commonly referred to as body man for taking care of the president’s needs, to United States President Barack Obama.[2][3][4][5][6] Love left this position at the end of 2011, to complete his Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Pennsylvania‘s Wharton School.[7]

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1 comment to Reggie Love Talks Obama Birth Certificate: “Documents Get Lost”

  • iguana one

    It is my humble opinion that Reggie Love is president Obama’s Homo-sexual lover.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Don’t tell Michelle.
    But your right. “Mr. President” still smacks with respect. Unfortunately, not in Obama’s world. I mean bed.
    I apologize. That ain’t right. Forgive me folks. I digress.

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