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Would San Antonio Ordinance Really Ban Christians from Government?

from ReasonTV :

This month busybodies have grounded a lawn chair balloonist and cracked down on internet porn, but Nanny of the Month zeros in on San Antonio where a hubbub is brewing about whether a proposed ordinance might actually ban Christians from holding city office.

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3 comments to Would San Antonio Ordinance Really Ban Christians from Government?

  • Slvrizgold

    Hell, I thought it was already illegal for Christians to hold office. I thought you had to be either Jewish, Satanist, or atheist. LOL Seriously though…

  • I would be very surprised if that’s true. I lived in San Antonio for 5 years and met a lot of prople there. There is a large Hispanic population, most of whom are Catholic/Christians.

  • CC GWRider

    It’s called “tyranny by the minority.” It’s high time we get back governmental representation that more represents the majority demographic of this country and quits know-towing to the minority to prove how “progressive” they are. Sure, minorities need protections against crimes, but this is nothing less than an attempt at thought-control and speech-control through legislation. Big Bro is alive and well in San Antonio. No more SeaWorld for me. You will only see me long enough to haul-azz THROUGH your city to get somewhere else.

    This from a non-Christian who wants to retain the right to free speech and freedom to form my own opinion. Even if my opinion is wrong, I don’t want the government to dictate what I can think and say. Punish ACTIONS not thought and speech.

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