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Why Will the U.S. Not Go Egypt?

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

By the spring of 47 BC, Cleopatra’s rivals to the Egyptian throne, her brothers, Ptolemy XIII, Pothimus, and Achillas were all dead. Roman legions commanded by the Emperor, Julius Caesar, successfully intervened in the civil war occasioned by Cleopatra’s father’s death and defeated her brothers’ armies. With his usual efficiency, Caesar celebrated his victories by summarily making Cleopatra the sole heir to the throne, Egypt a vassal state of Roman Empire and her his willing concubine. In so doing, he discovered that she was in many respects similar to her country: a shame to lose, a risk to conquer and a headache to govern.

Last week, Egypt lurched closer to yet another full-blown civil war. As a crowd of Morsi supporters finished their dawn-time prayers, gathered near the building where their newly deposed leader was living under house arrest, the Egyptian Army opened fire, killing 53 and wounding over 400.

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