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Why Retire Abroad?

4 Big Reasons So Many Are in Favor of Making a Bold Move

by Brittany Stepniak, Outsider Club:

In June, we revealed some of the best locations across the globe for retirement.

Today we want to talk more in depth about why you may want to consider this option, even if you’ve lived in the United States all your life…

In explaining the pros (and don’t worry, I’ll touch on the cons too) of overseas residency, let’s focus on four reasons you might want to at least visit another one of these countries before you settle in for the long run.

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  • We chose San Miguel de Allende six years ago for its combination of climate, culture and the basic warmth of its people. I became interested in the process of becoming an expat and wrote a book based on conversations with 32 Americans and Canadians who had also made the move. It’s mainly a way of getting inside their heads. It’s called San Miguel de Allende: A Place in the Heart. Here’s a link to an excerpt on my website:

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