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Why Buffett Bailed on India

by Willie Pesek, Bloomberg:

India has long been viewed as a value investor’s dream: rapid growth, 1.2 billion people pining for a taste of globalization, and underdeveloped industries ripe for turnarounds. So it surprised few when the genre’s guru, Warren Buffett, placed a bet on the world’s ninth-biggest economy.

What did come as a surprise, though, was last week’s decision by the billionaire’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. to give up on India’s insurance market after just two years. Adding to the drama, the withdrawal came the same week India unveiled plans to open the economy as never before to foreign-direct investment.

Buffett isn’t alone in voting with his feet. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., ArcelorMittal (MT) SA and Posco are pulling back on investments in India that they had announced with great fanfare. What’s scaring foreigners away? A rampant political dysfunction that has stopped India’s progress cold.

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2 comments to Why Buffett Bailed on India

  • johns

    These “fiat fairies” are bailing on India because the PEOPLE are taking their fiat and buying real money, Gold and Silver. Without the “fiat” to float around, these “fiat fairies” will run to the next carnival.

    Buffet, Walmart, Posco, ArcelorMittal,…… Deal in REAL MONEY and there is no problem.

    Only problem is YOU loose control of said PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!

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