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NO HONOR: White House ‘Prison’ — The Obamas Love the Perks, Hate the Office

[Ed. Note: We’re sure that if Ron Paul had been elected President, or anyone else there for the RIGHT reasons (i.e. TO SERVE THE PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION), he wouldn’t feel the same.]

by Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart:

First Lady Michelle Obama has raised eyebrows by likening life in the White House to life in a “really nice prison.” Ms. Obama was speaking at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania, where she is traveling with President Barack Obama and their daughters. Former First Lady Laura Bush was also in attendance.

It was not the first time that Ms. Obama has complained about life in the White House–which has afforded her the opportunity to travel with her husband on a $60-$100 million trip to Africa, as well as to vacation in Spain and other exotic locales with a large entourage, all the while enjoying Secret Service protection.

President Obama himself has expressed similar sentiments. A mere two weeks after taking office in 2009, he and Ms. Obama escaped to a school in Washington, D.C., explaining: “We were just tired of being in the White House.” The president also plays golf with great frequency, and takes many vacations–alone and with family.

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8 comments to NO HONOR: White House ‘Prison’ — The Obamas Love the Perks, Hate the Office

  • Eric B

    She like her husband is NO LEADER! just another mooch living off the general populace. People like her are the reason for the decline of America, from glory to the poorhouse in 250 years just a drop in the bucket of history.

  • Eric

    They act like a couple of hillbillies who just won the lottery. If Michael Obama (transgender) hates the white house so much, perhaps he/she should just stay in Africa along with her gay husband. They’ve done enough damage here for the time being.

  • steelerdude

    Comment withheld

    rage for the American People was feeding me….Michelle, do you remember what happened to Mussolini’s spouse?

  • NaySayer

    I don’t think that the Obamas realized what being a NWO puppet meant. I think she is being honest about it being a prison. She was a lawyer with a real job not community organizer or senator. She always made more money than her husband.

    Now because of her husband’s ambition she is one of the most hated people in the world. I wouldn’t want the job and a few posh vacations wouldn’t make me like it any more.

    • Shana Hughes

      She was NOT a lawyer with a real job, she surrendered her law license, for I think insurance fraud. Neither of those two frauds has a law license.

  • steelerdude

    Its really amazing…Laura Bush could go out and mix with the common people, talk with them, find out what they didnt like, what they were concerned about….

    now Michelle, she is dick whipped by her husband and cant talk to the American Society…she cannot convey what the American people feel and seek….

    she should feel locked up in a tower, powerless, unable to do shit….she deserves it…

    Michelle…study Laura Bush….of course, you will never have the class or grace of
    Laura….but you might survive what your husband is doing….

    • NaySayer

      Laura Bush who got drunk and killed a guy? That Laura Bush? They are both bad, but at least I am not aware of anybody Michelle Obama personally killed.

  • monica

    there you have it folks, they feel imprisoned. we should all we can to free them from the burden of life in the WH. impeachment is an excellent (not to mention QUICK) answer to their sentiment…don’t like it…let us help you out the door!

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