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Where To?

from Casey Research:

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  • Sergio of the Jungle

    It’s not just a Dem policy. The Repubs have the same policy platform, just re-packaged by a different advertising firm. What it boils down to is that the Fiat Currency system is the problem. It gives government unfettered spending ability to the point that cities go bankrupt from the spending, followed by counties, states, country. It is all based on credit, be it in the form of bonds or dollar NOTES. Your bond is your word asking the lender to trust your integrity to pay. If you have a money system that has nothing in reserve to pay creditors to start with, your bond, integrity and ability to pay are a fabrication. It’s all based on honesty in declaring your solvency and ability to pay before you make the promise. If the other party hasn’t that assurance from honest money in reserve, he is not performing due diligence or is being duped. However, when he is being forced to use your irredeemable money as settlement, he is being Shanghaied. He’s being conned and forcibly so.

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