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Where Are We Now?

by Zen Gardner,

Wow – big question, but not really if we look within and get simply truthful. Admittedly not easy in this current social environment with all the imposed insanities but let’s give it a try.

I’ve been a little quiet of late, for many reasons. I’ve had a big change in my life since moving to a third world country. Everyone’s been so welcoming it’s exposed a lot in myself. I didn’t realize how defensive I had become in the US. People always had their guard up and apparently I was akin to that attitude more than I realized.

It’s so much less here, but you have to discover what underlies the surface of their reactions as well. It too can be superficial and has its own level of societal fears and hangups of course. It’s just so much simpler, more like a time or dimensional change than just relocation.

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2 comments to Where Are We Now?

  • 8Ball

    Good Question… We are in a place where we have awakened to realize that we are no longer in control of very much that goes on around us. We have delegated that control to greedy & oftentimes evil people who do not have our best interests at heart and their agenda is hardly one of “peace”.

    Speaking of “keeping the peace”:

  • Ed_B

    As time goes by, it is becoming more clear that we have not been “in charge” for a long time and that TPTB have been very good at maintaining the fiction that we were. Unfortunately for them, that cat is now out of the bag. Perhaps it does not matter at this stage. Anyone else wondering when the last vestiges of the “Old Republic” will be swept aside and Obama anointed as “Emperor”?

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