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What Will You Do?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I finished my article, “I Really Don’t Understand Gold,” asking the question “What will you do?”  Assuming that I am correct that a massive short squeeze in precious metals has started (if you disagree, please point out where my logic is wrong), we should see several events occur.  First, we will probably see a week or two (maybe not in succession) where gold trades up $200-$300 bringing us back to the $1,700-$1,900 level.  What will you do?

Will you wipe your brow, breathe a sigh of relief and call your broker or coin dealer and sell?  Will you be “relieved” that you could get out of your “trade” at break even or “maximum profit?”  Will you swear never to do anything as “stupid” as chasing gold and leaving the “safety” of your FDIC “insured” dollar account?  Or, will you get out of more dollars for ounces.  Or, will you do nothing?

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