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WATCH: The Bosnian Pyramids Presentation

by BosnianPyramidsTV, via TheVictoryReport:

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2 comments to WATCH: The Bosnian Pyramids Presentation

  • Hannon

    Sean, the ancients were definitely using some technology but I think it was a different technology, if you like this type of material you may want to look up the work of Eric Dollard. He’s the only person to have successfully been able to reproduce Tesla’s work, unfortunately he keeps having his labs and work destroyed. The first time he was pushed out of his lab and had his work ruined was by none other than senator feinstein when she was the mayor of San Fransisco. I will caution you that it will suck up a lot of time watching his presentations and demonstrations on youtube but it’s well worth it.

    And if you make through that, you can checkout the thunderbolts project, they cover the “electric universe” theory and are actually able to put forth viable theories of how the universe works in a scalable and in the lab reproducible way, unlike the BS science they ram down our throats. Here’s their youtube channel:

  • Fred Hayek

    Fascinating stuff. I’m a little more skeptical of the last few minutes of it but you can’t help but root for the man and to feel disgusted by the various academics who want to stop him simply because it will show that they don’t completely know what the hell they’re talking about.

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