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The Truth Behind World War Z

from Stefan Molyneux:

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1 comment to The Truth Behind World War Z

  • Racoon

    First of all, good to hear that Stefan is winning his battle against cancer. I wish him a quick recovery.

    Concerning the film, what really bothers me is the fact that these hordes of zombies sometimes look like hordes of Greek protesters (under steroids). The mass shootings against these hordes of “protester – looking zombies” is a way to get the audience scared of these types of violent mass movements and desensitised to the shooting of those protesters.

    Furthermore, the idea that UN – or NATO – saves the day by shooting on rabid “zombie-protesters” is to me a blue print of what will happen when the American Joe-Six-Pack has its bank account suddenly frozen after another super-Lehman moment, decides to join the mob and wants to break everything out of anger.

    Too bad that DHS and TSA will welcome him and his friends with machine guns, NATO support and Brad Pitt on top of it…

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