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The Resident: Big Brother license plates

from RTAmerica:

If a company in South Carolina gets it way, Americans will soon have electronic license plates on their cars, which would allow the government to track their vehicles 24/7 wherever they go. The plates would allow law enforcement and the DMV to broadcast messages like “stolen” or “uninsured” on a license plate to alert fellow drivers and police officers. But it would also give law enforcement total tracking ability with no warrants necessary.

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4 comments to The Resident: Big Brother license plates

  • john 2

    Supreme Court has already ruled that tracking devices placed on vehicles without warrants is unconstitutional.

  • Jonathan

    Anybody who’s stupid enough to believe that thieves who steal cars can’t easily disengage the license plate from broadcasting messages should stop getting vaccines at once, you have thimerosal on the brain. If they can disengage the security system to steal the car they can disengage the license plate. What are the cops going to do send out the SWAT every time a license plate is disengaged? That’s not fascism, is it?

  • prestodo

    This will never fly in SC.

  • Mike

    There ain’t a man alive big enough to screw with my 837,416 mile truck.

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