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The One Chart Explanation Behind Ben Bernanke’s “Open Mouth Operation” Scramble

from Zero Hedge:

The pain that banks have experienced can best be seen in the following chart showing the latest update in “Net unrealized gains (losses) on available-for-sale securities” from the Fed’s weekly H.8. Two things come to mind: i) For the first time since April 2011, unrealized gains in AFS portfolios among the entire US banking sector became losses, and  ii) The two month rate of loss creation in MTM exempt AFS portfolio soared to the highest in series history.

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1 comment to The One Chart Explanation Behind Ben Bernanke’s “Open Mouth Operation” Scramble

  • NaySayer

    When an article starts with “The pain the banks are experiencing…” I automatically think, well who the freak cares if the banks feel pain!!

    What is a bank? A bunch of employees looking supposedly looking after depositor’s money and making sound loans. But that is not the truth anymore. A bank is a small group of greedy sociopathic executives, a bunch of overworked and underpaid pink collar ghetto tellers and some crazy machiavellian relationship with the government & their overlord bankers at the Fed.

    All of this mix is to steal the depositors money (cypress), get bailed out by the same poeple through higher taxes when the incompetent sociopathic executives crash the bank again and again and again and some weird kind of social control by the government by manipulating how people can get access to their own money,

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