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The King of Mainstream Sellouts

by Andy Hoffman,

As readers know well, I “pull no punches” when discussing the PROPAGANDA, MISINFORMATION, and FEARMONGERING we face when attempting to PROTECT ourselves from the horrific ramifications of four decades of MONEY PRINTING gone bad.  Thus, I have no problem personally calling out “SELLOUTS!”; even in dedicated RANTS like “I DESPISE MARTIN ARMSTRONG.”

Moreover, one of the key themes I have written of is “THE WORSE THINGS GET, THE THICKER THE PROPAGANDA.”  And when I say “worse,” I mean both the state of the economy and the price of PMs.  In other words, the more the economy deteriorates, the more the MSM blare the siren call of “recovery”; and the more PMs decline, the more “GOLD BASHING MYTHOLOGY” must be refuted.  Such mistruths principally emanate from both REAL MONEY’s enemies; but sadly, from so-called “friends” as well – whom you can always identify by their calling card of being “short-term bearish, but long-term bullish.”

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