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The financial feeding of the massively indebted American

Consumer credit owed hits record, permanently high gas prices, and feeding empty promises with food stamp outlays up 600% from 2000.


Americans are now fully engaged, once again, in their consumption ways financed by debt.  To continue pretending that the middle class is not shrinking, massive amounts of debt are being pumped into the system once again.  Total consumer debt has reached another peak but the reason this has peaked is very troubling.  Over the last decade the fastest growing sector of debt has come from student loans.  The Fed has injected easy money into member banks and from our 2009 financial lows, debt is now trickling throughout the economy.  Yet, old habits seem to be a stubborn thing.  A few items now seem to be permanent fixtures of our economy.  Gas prices are stubbornly high, food stamp outlays are at record levels, and consumer debt rages on the fires of student loan growth.  In other words, the expansion is being driven by debt yet again.

Gas Prices: Those that say no inflation is present simply do not look at what is truly impacting the American consumer.  Take a look at gas prices:

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2 comments to The financial feeding of the massively indebted American

  • NaySayer

    We have as much unemployment as the great depression did (according to John Williams at Shadowstats). HOw can the federales spin the story of green shoot recoveries if you have soup lines stretching for blocks again? If there are hungry chidren roaming the streets looking in trash cans for food?

    Food stamps are keeping this country from looking like the depression zone that it actually is. There would be “my kids are hungry” riots like in the middle east (which they keep trying to spin as a desire for democrazy riots, but no those people are hungry).

    Wal-mart would lose 40% of it’s sales overnight without food aid and they know it. Their lobby is no doubt hard at work, along with others in the grocery industry to keep the food stamps going.

  • Rodster

    The govt media complex is responsible for the processed news the sheeple are given daily. Actually I have several articles that says our current numbers are worse than those of the Great Depression.

    You gotta laugh when the MSM refers to the situation in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil as deep recessions.

    But just wait till the SHTF again from all this monopoly money Helicopter Ben keeps printing. 😉

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