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The Battle To Reimplement Glass-Steagall Hits the Streets of DC: LPAC Activists Update

It’s clear, what we’re up against is Wall Street… it’s a total war. This system is coming down most likely in the fall. And what JP Morgan Chase, the BIS, the British empire, Obama’s puppets want is a Hitlarian, genocidal austerity policy.”

from laroucheyouth:

A brief report from the week’s organizing carried out by several LaRouchePAC activists, from the New York and New Jersey region. The activists lobbied throughout the U.S. Congress, and received a number of responses and indications of the level of Wall St. control over the Congress, as well as responses to the three-step solution of LaRouchePAC.

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2 comments to The Battle To Reimplement Glass-Steagall Hits the Streets of DC: LPAC Activists Update

  • johns

    The greatest message and movement, presented by the most incapable people.

    To the leader, the first woman speaking…. REMOVE the “welding goggles”.

    “Look a person in the eye, and shake hands”…….ever heard of that ?????

    The woman with the most to say, is MOST pleasant and coherent, Thank You for your contribution to the message.

    The “onlookers” with arms crossed, being PURGED for their thoughts…. ?????????

    Thanks for “closing” with an “arms crossed” individual with something coherent to the original idea of GLASS STEAGALL IMPLEMENTATION !!!!!!!!

    I love the idea for liberty, and freedom worldwide.. for all humanity’s sake…but

    Please present it accordingly.
    HINT: REMOVE THE WELDING GOGGLES…. speak “eye to eye”.

    • NaySayer

      For your information, some people have serious vision problems that require thick dark glasses. Permanently enlarged pupils, etc.

      Maybe she can’t take them off, did you ever think about that?

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