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The Banking Cartel Can Not Take Away Our Silver Dependence

from Agora Commodities:

There is much disparity recently among sound money enthusiasts that answered Max Keiser’s war cry against one of the biggest enslavers of humanity in 2010 to, “buy silver, crash JP Morgan”. With silver now being at a three year low and the criminal banks covering 81% of their silver short positions many are left wondering if they will even see justice or merely see a return on their investment.

With my father dealing with his own health issues and my silver dollar-cost average being severely compromised I too am one of those individuals. Contemplating the inability of modern medicine to help my father out in any way, I have been forced to remember why silver is so vital to the future of humanity. The answer to this question comes with an examination of silver in the past and what modern medicine is rediscovering about the miracle element.

Before silver was ever money it was life to humans. The ancients knew this as they used silver to transport water and to store it for extended periods of time. Herodotus, the Father of History, reported that no Persian king ever drank water that was not transported in silver containers.

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  • Slvrizgold

    Silver isn’t just for financial health, it is for your physical health as well. Silver hydrosol. The silver particles are very small, under 1 micron, and will get inside cells and kill pathogens. You won’t turn blue. The brand I use, you can take 6 times a day for 80 years with no toxicity. I have used it occasionally to great effect. The people that turned blue were not consuming this silver, but large particles and hence the buildup. Don’t make your own colloidal silver unless TSHTF as a last resort. I also use a silver gel for things like cuts, burns, and it will clear up pimples and infections too. I got an unusual eczema patches once and that was why I purchased it initially. It went away in about 3-4 days of just rubbing a little silver gel on a couple times a day. It’s not cheap but its not super expensive either.

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