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SWAT Executes Virginia Man for Gambling – Big Brother Watch

from breakingtheset:

Abby Martin examines the case of gambling entrapment, involving a man named Sal Culosi, who was shot and killed by SWAT officers after being set up by an undercover detective posing as his friend.

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4 comments to SWAT Executes Virginia Man for Gambling – Big Brother Watch

  • John

    The Banksters are gambling away trillions, where’s the justice? And Corzine is enjoying life… This is all sick..

  • Andreas

    I feel for the family but I also hope that once they’ve come to terms of what happened that they sue this criminal outfit for millions of dollars in a wrongful death law suit.

  • Kim

    I loved America and have many friends to the south of me stateside. But I can tell all you good American folks I will never step into your HELLHOLE until things change which probably means never!

  • NaySayer

    The police are completely out of control. They are executing people nationwide while also criminally sexually assaulting women in texas. This is what happens as they get wider powers to control “terrorists”. Everything looks like a nail to you if you are trained to be a hammer.

    This is a bad bad trend, because sooner or later people (like the martyr to police corruption Dorner) are going to start shooting back.

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